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I'm so behind here!

These days I'm extremely busy and life has just been really been a series of major decisions one after the other.  Heather and I are doing well which is great. I need to get some photos posted.

 I'm back to training...well at least somewhat. It's tough to get training time in during the winter season due to lack of light in the day and bad weather. I ride when i can, have amped up my strength training and go to spinning classes when the weather is just to rough to take it outside. I still want to try for Vineman 2008. Well at least the half Vineman, I don't think I'll even get close t being ready for the full Vineman at least not this year...

 Working in Sonoma these days which has been quite nice. I'm certaintly not used to working in such a small town. I worked for years in the heart of the financial district of san Francisco which provded a wide assortment of variety with easy walking access.  It was certaintly easy when Heather lived in the Sunset district and I would spend all week with her and take the MUNI in. As much as how I would complain about MUNI, I actually miss it. I even miss her old neighborhood on 14th Avenue and Kirkham right up the road from the Irving, Judah, and the Golden Gate park that I would jog in from time to time.

hmm...the holidays are approaching and I still need to finish up the christmas shopping.

My uncle is having his usual New Years Even party that should be a blast. It will be interesting to see people who I typically only see at his party once a year.

I would suggest that if it's your first time here to visit  some of the older entires on the right hand side of the page...



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