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Yahoo Small Buisness Mail - IMAP with the iPhone

Ok so I had a hell of a time figuring out how to configure my iPhone to work with Yahoo's IMAP servers. I had read quite a few sites claiming that Yahoo does not support IMAP for small buisness class accounts. What? Why would they allow IMAP for free yahoo accounts and yet pay buisness web hosting accounts the service is not provided? Well I assumed it has something to do with the IMAP service not fully being tested. I noticed that when Yahoo launched thier new Webmail interface, it took almost two to three months before Emaild web mail had the ability to use the new interface. This was because Yahoo beta tests new features on free subscribers. This I assume is the same thing...

 BUT! It is there, you just have to figure out how to get it.

Yes, you can configure your iPhone to access your domain's yahoo mail through POP and SMTP. I did this for the last 2 months I've had the phone. But I realized that IMAP is a lot faster and it's synced with the servers PLUS it's a PUSH mail service which I like.

Why did I try to figure this out? 1. I'm a geek and I'm persistant to find solutions to everything and 2. IMAP access has better performance with the Yahoo servers and 3. It's push mail. 

SO how to configure it?

1. Settings Icon on the Phone

2. Mail

3. Add Account

4. Don't choose Yahoo, choose 'Other'. Interestingly if you setup your email with the Yahoo account it works. I did this and setup my address as emailaddy (at) email (dot) net (replace the 'at' with @ and 'dot' with . and use your own email user name address) with my passowrd and I was able to get mail and it synched with yahoo's IMAP servers. BUT I soon realized I had a problem SENDING mail. This is because you need to use SMTP for outbound mail and you can't configure that properly on the phone with Yahoo.

5. So use this configuration

Name: You name you want people to see

Address: Your email address

Description: What you want the phone to display in your email account lists

Incoming Host: imap.mail.yahoo.com

Username: your email address hosted by yahoo

Password: Your password

Outgoing Host: smtp.bizmail.yahoo.com:25

username: your email address

Password: your password

Save it. It will try to save for a while and it may (did for me) ask you to try to attempt to Save it without SSL? Click 'Yes'! Then it will be "thinking" for a while. Don't worry, this may take a LONG while but eventually it should save off successfully. 

That's it!  You should now have IMAP access with push mail on your yahoo small buisness hosted web solution.

Works great for me!


EDIT - 3/13/2009 ---

I've had a SLEW of people hit my blog specifically on this topic.  So to clear up some confusion, I should note that this solution does not work on WIFI so all you iPod Touch users, this isn't going to work. Sorry!  I personally have to shut off Wifi to get my IMAP mail from my personal yahoo small business account.  

Hope this helps!


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Hi Dave, I was happy to find your page as I have been ripping my hair out as a result of using POP on my iPod touch for accessing my yahoo Bizmail. I am getting so much junk in my inbox that it is unbearable. I followed your instructions but am unable to get things going on. I get an error saying that "The user name and password for imap.mail.yahoo.com is incorrect.

Not sure I am reading your instructions correctly. Are you saying that the username for the incoming server settings should be my yahoo email address (eg. jferat@yahoo.com) or my business address (eg. jferat@business.com)? either way, I seem to be having trouble connecting to this IMAP server. Any thoughts??

Thanks much!

Dear Dave

a friend gave me your blog and recipe to set up my email on my iphone and i thought you saved my live but there we go.... it does not work! what i get back is: the username/or password for imap.... is incorrect!
what a process!!! just a quick confirmation from you: if you say email address that means my domain address (myname@myname.com) and if you want the one hosted by yahoo that is the one ending with myname@Yahoo.com right? It would be fantastic to hear from you! many thanks


Thank you for this information. I can now send pictures via email where I was unable to do so before.

The only issue I am having now is that when new mail arrives I dont get a new mail alert sound. (yes i have sound on). However when I set up the email using the regular yahoo interface i do receive the sound notification. any thoughts what i need to change?

Ok you are a genius! Thank you Thank you. I've tried to hours to figure out why, all of a sudden, my yahoo iphone could not send any messages. In addition, I have never been able to send pictures on the phone since I got it back in December. Now, thanks to the new setup, I can!! I have the same small issue as the previous person who wrote to you on June 23rd. I no longer have an alert sound when I get new emails. Any thoughts on that? Thanks again!!!!

For anyone still having this issue, an update with my latest results.

I had to change the line:

smtp.bizmail.yahoo.com:25 in step 5 of the original instructions to:


I'll add my thanks to Dave for the original post!!


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A million thanks. I successfully solved my outgoing mail problem on Yahoo bizmail by following all your instructions. I even got it to work within wi-fi environment by changing the line:smtp.bizmail.yahoo.com:25 in step 5 of the original instructions to:
My port is set to 587 and it works.

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